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I really believe this is true because I like you like I think squirrels and spaghetti.

"Overrated Normal"

"Overrated Normal" (Daily Odd Compliment)

Daily odd compliment, potentially funny or creepy pickup line. It's all about the delivery. And person.

Daily Odd Compliment- Beauty Sleep

If a guy ever said this to me, I would melt. Especially since sleeping beauty is my ultimate favorite Disney movie!

Daily Odd Compliment

If you suddenly became a very heavy coin, I wouldn't mind the burden of carrying you around in my pocket all the time. I also would not spend you.

"Alone Thoughts"


Whenever youre around, I can just say whatever pops in my head. Which is great, because I really should not be left alone with my thoughts. Daily Odd Comment Visit our online store here

Daily odd compliment

Every night I'm with you, I just want to yell to the moon "I love this person!" But the moon doesn't care, because it can't talk, which is kind of disappointing. So I just keep it to myself.