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Benedict Cumberbatch.

benedict cumberbatch gq anniversary exhibition 02 Benedict Cumberbatch suits up while attending the GQ Anniversary Exhibition on Tuesday (November at Phillips De Pury in London, England.

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Doctor Who; Three Doctors on a couch: Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith and David Tennant.

Carissa Flint | Growing up a witch (long results) - Quiz

Carissa Flint

You already knowwwww Another one of these, simply because I've had way to many messages to make another so here you all go! Remember to comment opinions


A man reading is sexy. Benedict Cumberbatch reading is swoon I'm in love and ovaries exploding kind of sexy.

The Greek Godly Parent Quiz ....I got Poseidon

The Greek Godly Parent Quiz. I got Artemis. The quiz more implied I was a hunter and not a daughter because she is an eternal maiden.

“I was shooting Benedict Cumberbatch the star of Atonement at the bar in the Ivy Club. We had this idea that he should pose naked on a bar stool with just a copy of the Financial Times He didn’t think.