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Stop looking at the past that broke you and look at the present that made you

I know that you would do just about anything to see me again. But when you do...it's all gonna come back. The fantasy, that breathless feeling. That knowing, You would make a tremendous fool out of yourself again if I let you. I won't let you do that. ❤️

I dont know what I'm afraid of. Both are going to bring tears, but the later seems so much worse.

Why u wanna keep on misleading me if I am not the one in your heart?U jolly know why I can't continue,it's cos not even the slightest love exist.Thats when i decided to stop .

Sometimes you hold back from talking to someone not because of your pride nor because you fear rejection. But because you know deep down that if they wanted to be there in your life, they would've made the fucking effort.

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because the answer is always no. Or so yet, they assume and no one wants to talk about problems and issues, but we should. We should always talk through them be solve them instead of running away from them.

I swear this is me always keep it real with me regaurdless

The truth hurts but you gotta man up and say it. Lie's is nothing but bullshit, just keep it real with me.