I missed Roy so much more even than i thought. #Arrow #4x12

I missed Roy so much more even than i thought.<<< Oh my gosh right? It was like when he came back I just got so happy it was like when Tommy died and you just like feel this hole in the show almost. And then of course Roy just HAD to leave again DX

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Arrow - Felicity & Oliver #3.19 #Season3 #Olicity <3<3<3

Arrow - Felicity & Oliver I love how Oliver's face literally just doesn't change during this scene

"Your strange friend's pronunciation is horrible" - Anatoly, Oliver, Rory and Curtis ((Bahahahahaha!

This scene just hurts my heart because I know he was just trying to pretend. Though, it was the truth!!

oh they so cute, a computer geek and a green superhero, so so cute, I always thought that from the beginning they would have been together, but date wasn't the case.