Princess Diana in New Zealand | Princess Diana Playing With Her Baby Son, Prince William, As He Sits ...

April Princess Diana with nine-month Prince William on his first photo call held on the lawn of the Government House in Auckland, New Zealand. Diana in a green dress with a large white collar with a zig zag edging.

Mother love: A hug for two-year-old Harry from Diana during a family holiday in Majorca in 1986

Shocking new details of the poison that scarred Harry's childhood

Beautiful capture of Princess Diana and Prince William. Great pose for a mother and small child.

Princess Diana and Prince William

October Princess Diana with Prince William portrait taken by Lord Snowdon at Kensington Palace. Princess Diana is sat on the floor, Prince William within her lap.

Diana and Harry

Princess Diana and Harry. This is such a lovely photo showing what a caring mum and person she was. She will always be a Princess to me.

Princess of Wales, Prince William of Wales, later Duke of Cambridge and Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales.

Princess Diana with her sons Prince Harry (L) and Prince William as they head to school at Wetherby Boys School in Notting Hill, west London on September (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

What a pic!

Lovely Princess Diana: Side-by-side-Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge on their respective wedding days. The wedding dress for Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.


With New Biopic Diana Set to Hit the Big Screen, We Look Back at the Princess's Iconic Style (and Meet the Man Responsible for It)

July Prince Charles carrying Prince Harry and Diana, Princess of Wales, carrying Prince William in the wild flower meadow at Highgrove in Tetbury, England Source: x