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Funny Wheelchair Cartoons | Funny Files Gallery > Transportation Cartoons

Funny Wheelchair Cartoons | Funny Files Gallery > Transportation Cartoons

Get away with being shady for a day: #WorldSightDay #TOMS #BESHADY TOMS.com/World-Sight-Day

Cafebleu supports the awareness raising initiative of and encourage everyone to have their eye health checked.


Some people say Americans& love of suing the crap out of each other is a bad thing, but if it wasn& for that litigious spirit our warning signs and product disclaimers would be far less

It's only a wheelchair

Since becoming a quadriplegic three years ago, I have quickly learned that people don't know a whole lot about the disability community. Maybe even afraid of it.

Raising Awareness through T-shirts, for Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Understanding, and Equality for All Disabilities. http://equality4wheelability.ecwid.com/ Watch my video's http://youtu.be/Pr2tKKWl0GM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z28t1Sg1ePU

Equality for Wheelability

girls in handicap sings  | Handicapped | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

*I would love for all the handicap parking spots to have a 'nontraditional' sign to go along with the painted wheelchair on the pavement.

WTF??  I just love the crocodile waiting to eat him. I've been to Zululand on many an occasion, but i never saw one of them there. Zululand, South Africa

A sign in Zululand, South Africa. I love the crocodile waiting for him at the bottom.


I chose this pin because I think it would be a good idea for the main character to wear this image on a T-shirt because it reflects their Sarcastic personality. They make fun of their own disability.

For the thoughtless healthy person who parks in the "Handicapped" parking space!

Smart Ass Cripple: Smart Ass Cripple's Perfect Secret Plan for Kissing the Government Teat Goodbye

The Smart Ass Cripple Celebrity Challenge (Inspired by Petty Jealousy)