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Lullaby for a Princess, a song by Ponyphonic on Spotify

Lullaby for a Princess, a song by Ponyphonic on Spotify

This thing is weird. <<<This was literally the first thing I thought of when I first saw Tangled.

Tangled Alternate Ending. I'm pretty much just waiting for this to happen to me. Don't know whether to pin this to Disney or cartoon board

Dads, willing to throw kids into the air to make them fall asleep since the beginning of time.

Upside Down by featuring Princess Luna, Supernova, and their daughter, Nidra

Gem Cravings by kilala97 on DeviantArt:

During her pregnancy with T, Rarity had this weird urge to eat gems. She couldn't for obvious reasons XP From 'Nother comic of momma Rarity Gem Cravings

Losing it by Beavernator - This one is so sad, but it's my absolute favorite Nightmare Moon comic

AWWW y u do dat discord y ditzy was just trying to love her mom. Now I'm sad :( y discord y just y

derpy comic parte 1 Why are Derpy comics always so dang sad?

She's my idol. She inspires me to be an artist and believe in myself. :)

I pinned it instead of reposting it. Lauren Faust creator of my little pony friendship is magic