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18 Reasons Disney’s Prince Philip Deserves Some Damn Credit

18 Reasons Disney's Prince Philip Deserves Some Damn Credit

"When will I see you again?" "Oh, never, Never!" "Never?!?!" "Well, maybe someday." "When, tomorrow?" "Oh, no. This evening." "Where?" "At the cottage, in the glen."

Prince Phillip: But when will I see you again? Princess Aurora: Oh never, never! Prince Phillip: Never? Princess Aurora: Well, maybe someday. Prince Phillip: When, tomorrow morning ?

And Aurora and Phillip took a walk with this little princess. | 25 Times Disney Face Characters Were Completely Adorable

25 times Disney face characters were completely adorable. When Aurora and Phillip took a walk with this little princess.

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Sleeping Beauty singing "Once Upon a Dream" in Walt Disney's animate film Figure 5

Sleeping Beauty

Day Favorite Dance Scene: When Aurora is dancing with Phillip at the end of Sleeping Beauty. I love how the Fairy Godmothers keep changing her dress color. I love when her dress is BLUE!

Sleeping Beauty

Everybody has a Disney favorite. As a little girl, this was mine. But Maleficent used to scare the wholy stuffings out of me when she turned into a dragon.


Quiz: Which Royal Couple are You and Your Significant Other

Wish I could sleep right now and would be kissed awake by prince charming. ( in stead of lying awake crying about subconscious dreams not coming true)