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Eyes of iced blue, with a heart that's cold, there's a reason for this, if his story were told. ~ Cat A. Tonic (@MetalCatatonic)

Only Thranduil. page created for fans of Thranduil (Lee Pace)

"His eyes are begging: 'Please, don't go... stay. You are all I have...' and that is the saddest thing of the scene, which is also sad. Even if Thranduil gave him the idea of going after Aragorn, he didn't really want him to go. And when he said 'Your mother loved you. More than anything. More than life' he actually meant 'I love you. More than anything. More than life'. Thranduil can love. Thranduil still has a heart."

this dude right here needs to learn how to express his feelings when his son isnt turned around walking away.

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Kinda wondering what that implies. Did she die to protect Legolas? IDK, since this isn't technically even canon.

“Your mother loved you more than anyone.” *whispers as Legolas turns away* “As do I.