kids gone wrong text messages | raykay8 @ sarahkash sound familiar 5 months ago delete report

Dad, I'm hungry. Nice to meet you hungry, I'm dad. I thought you were hungry? Are you kidding me? No, I'm dad!

this is why i say @Faith Steely shouldn't drive.. she would soo do this!! lol

either the person locked their self in the car with their keys, or the mom just had a blond moment

I would freak out too!

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Never would have thought to do it on my own to torture my friends and family ... but now I will *EFG*

Funny Text Message - Call/text me when you are on your way. (What the freak) Autocorrect get ya? On the periodic table, the symbol for potassium is K. OMG you are such a nerd! Lol I use this with some of my nursing friends!

That's hilarious.

Epic dad - Ownage - Aug 2012 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED- lol yaaasss i wish my dad was this awesome haha jk he is

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oh Hunger Games jokes.- I'm thinking of giving you your own board.


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funny auto-correct texts - The 16 Funniest Autocorrects From October, Bahahaha if you read this site it's ridiculous . I almost just busted out laughing