The Insta House shipping container conversion is now available for purchase in the U.S.

Gorgeous Shipping Container Art Studio in New York Container Art Studio by Mb Architecture (photo credit: Maziar Behrooz) – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Landed.  Prefabricated, sustainable sandwich construction. Insulated panels from certified wood with biological paint finish.

// LANDED // Concept and prototype of an architectural unit for German company Richard Lampert. Insulated panels from certified wood with biological paint finish.

b e a t r i c e .

I cannot stop looking at this modern home renovation with a century facade by architect, Christopher Polly. I love the giant glass wall looking into the backyard.

mirrored windows on the yoga side

Torontonians Dan and Diane Molenaar head north to Drag Lake when they need a weekend away from urban life—though they brought some of the city with them. The mirrored windows that circle the cottage were recycled from two office towers in Toronto.

It Looks Old And Rusty, But Inside This Shipping Container Is A Ravishing Home!

Artist Julio Garcia completes a one bedroom container home for himself in Savannah, GA under his new shipping container design/build firm, Price Street Projects. Two containers separated by a addition in the middle makes this 800 sq.

TrailerWrap is part of Prof. Hughes’ ongoing Design Outreach Initiative. This work is focused on small, unremarkable, and often forgotten places for underserved people.  Over the course of 24 months a group of over 50 undergraduate and graduate architecture students and 3 professors undertook all aspects related to the design, planning, coordination, material specification, and re-construction of this mobile home.

UPWARDLY MOBILE HOMES When it comes to real estate, the trailer park gets a bad rap. But some designers think that this forsaken corner of .

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** I love the deck all the way around the house Cabin of my dreams: This low cost modern cottage in the woods can be found in Mar Azul, Argentina. It is made of Concrete, Glass, and Wood. Designed by BAK Architects.