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The Plymouth Rock is a very popular duel-purpose American breed, known for their excellent laying ability, general hardiness, and calm good nature which makes them a.

626553a8_IMG_8482.jpeg (1600×1199)

626553a8_IMG_8482.jpeg (1600×1199)

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte. My dream chicken. Been drooling over these guys for ages. by susan chueng

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte - have a 6 week pullet that I may grow up to look like this. How beautiful this hen is!

The Araucana or Spanish: Gallina Mapuche is a breed of chicken originating in Chile. I well known for blue eggs,  a subject of controversy regarding whether or not the breed was developed from birds that arrived pre or post Columbian. The egg colour is reportedly caused by a DNA retrovirus that occurred sometime early in domestication.[4] In the United States it may be known as the South American Rumpless,[5] and may be confused with other fowl, especially the Ameraucana and Easter Egger…

According to Wikipedia, "The Araucana is a breed of chicken originating in Chile.They lay blue eggs, have feather tufts near their ears, and no tail (In North America)." This is one of only three breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs.

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Mexico has some beautiful roosters to paint in watercolors