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Well, I didn't need my heart, nope.

Ace in heaven by xSusumu

Ace in heaven by xSusumu but I mean he still has White beard and his mother and father. So he isn't really a lone.

Things happened long ago. So this is just terribly sad. I started crying just by reading this little Thing

Things happened long ago - D brothers

Sabo Ace Luffy One of them leave, the other comeback First was Sabo, Ace&luffy cried Then Ace, luffy&Sabo cried  Ne Luffy, GAMBATTE

One Piece - ASL (Ace, Sabo, Luffy) Throughout reading this, I felt like collapsing in tears. I was thinking " this is from funnymama, it shouldn't be so depressing! I facepalmed so hard I thought I broke my hand.

Le rêve One Piece ♥

Vive One Piece

Luffy and Ace - one piece

And when you wake up, everything is gonna be fine, I guarantee that you wake in a better place, and in a better time, so you're tired of living - and you feel like you might give in - well don't, it's not your time, text, sad, crying, Robin, Chopper, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp, Luffy, young, childhood, comic, wounded, hurt; One Piece

One Piece We cast of our troubles forget the past.

Blagues & Co - Genshoku Mangas

One Piece - Cool Luffy: everyone comes over to luffys side eventually. Just like Mihawk said, unnatural ability that draws people in.

why would you make something like this!?!?!?!?  that just so sad........brings too many more feels for Luffy to the already giant pile of feels

Luffy and Ace. Oh, here come the tears.


Feels and lost memory

One Piece, Zoro, Sanji

One Piece, Zoro, Sanji and Rufy (I think)

One  Piece spoiler alert:  T_ T WHY DOES HE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!;;

ONE PIECE, Monkey D. Luffy, Comic, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo why why must you break my heart its not fair beautiful but painful will miss ace for years and years

That's the ideal person. No one liie that eeeeexist. Never happening.

Luffy and Ace -one piece                                                                                                                                                      More

One Piece anime_ The feels_ Luffy_ Ace

Ace? Kills me each time I come across something that even slightly mentions it. I cry each time too. Sometimes I'm in a really good mood then all of a sudden I remember this or some other scene from one piece and I feel like I've had a bucket of over cold water dumped on me. I get depressed pretty soon after that an curse  lot

Well, I didn't need my heart, nope.

What's this I'm being really productive these days o_o A very old angsty idea I had and I finally was able to do something with it. I don't think I could have been more mean than that; killing Sanj...

Luffy and Sanji I love this fan art. It almost makes me want to cry but isn't it usually the other way around Luffy drowning and Sanji rescuing him?

I...I just...no...not ok *cries out eyes in a corner for an hour*

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