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I told you!! HE STILL HAS THE RING!!  *Pardon the swear word - Actually, they gave Elijah Woods and Andy Serkis each a ring after they finished shooting tLotR.

Funny pictures about But then there's Elijah Wood. Oh, and cool pics about But then there's Elijah Wood. Also, But then there's Elijah Wood.

Why Elijah's eyes are big

Why Elijah's eyes are big

I love the reenactments. xP It's true. Elijah Wood has the biggest eyes I have ever seen (which is a good thing). But baby Frodo would've been the cutest thing ever xD he probably had huge blue eyes and a head of bushy black hair.

Poor Sean!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring behind the scenes. I love Elijah's face haha!]<<aww poor Sean he looks so sad:(


dis pun is kili'ng me.but making these puns is such a bad hobbit.and now I can't stop tolkien dis way

I'm sure I've pinned this before but who cares, it's the truest post ever

I can imagine John texting this to Sherlock, only to find out that Sherlock is in the rival gang.

The Battle of the Five Armies

out of context this looks like they just knocked out Gandalf with a frying pan ^Pinning for comment XD Jesus

"Hope to see you in theatres this fall... because I will be in ALL of them, checking if you're there."

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“King of Sass Martin Freeman introducing the new hobbit trailer”