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Healthy Lunch Recipes: Tandoori Chicken Wraps. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes weightloss.com.au

These wraps can be served warm or cold depending on the weather. Placing the salad in a wrap adds a fun dimension to the dish and makes it easier to eat and easier to get a balance of flavours from all the wonderful ingredients.

Healthy Lunch Recipe: Honey soy beef and vegetable stir fry with noodles Recipe

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Chicken Quesadillas. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightLossRecipes weightloss.com.au

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Vegetable Ham & Pasta Soup. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightLossRecipes weightloss.com.au

This vegetable, ham and pasta soup is a simple yet delicious soup that is very easy to make. Loaded up with vegetables makes this nutritious and the pasta and ham will fill you up.


You have the option of using chicken tenderloins or chicken breast in this recipe and as your greens, choose either asparagus or broccoli.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Salad. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightLossRecipes weightloss.com.au

We have combined the goodness of chicken and lovely sweet potato in a salad which produce a very tasty dish. The sweet chilli and orange provides added zing and can be used for marinating the chicken.

Stuffed Capsicum with Tuna. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightLossRecipes weightloss.com.au

Our stuffed capsicum is loaded with flavour. We have used tuna and ricotta with many other flavours and is only 126 calories per serve.

Healthy Pizza Recipes: Gluten Free Tandoori Chicken Pizza. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes weightloss.com.au

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Healthy Lunch Recipes: Mini Quiches with Capsicum. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes weightloss.com.au

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This is a healthier version of quiche. Even as a snack one of these has less calories than a biscuit.

Vegetable Pesto Gnocchi. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightLossRecipes weightloss.com.au

We like to use fresh gnocchi from a Italian deli in this dish. If buying gnocchi from a supermarket, just be mindful that some premade stuff is high in salt.

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes weightloss.com.au

This combines the classic taste of honey and Dijon mustard to make a delicious and refreshing salad. 459 calories per serving.