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The Dainty Squid: Tutorial: Sweater Clips!

The Dainty Squid: Tutorial: Sweater Clips! Use clip-on earrings, jump rings, and strands of beads. Detailed tutorial and good pictures.

art nouveau:  consider sweater chain clip for dresses, too... or steampunk like Claire Pettibone:  jewelry worn  on hips of panties (like a watch chain)

DIY sweater clip - Simple enough. makes me want to wear sweaters alot more lol

vintage earrings made into a bracelet... can make a bracelet from single earrings that lost their mate don't have to be vintage.

Vintage White Wedding & Gold Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet, Heirloom Floral Cluster Earring Bracelet OOAK-I have TONS of old costume jewelry that don't have pairs, etc.this is really neat. Links to crafts to do with them!

Glee character Emma Pillsbury has the coolest accessories. Owl sweater clip.

Is Glee single-handedly bringing back sweater clips? It seems so as there are more episodes of Emma Pillsbury displaying lovely vintage sweater clips.

DIY Cardigan Jewelry Clips

DIY Cardigan Jewelry Clips Tutorial from Crafts Unleashed

413 {sparrow} Lane: Use Ribbon to Stretch Your Jewelry $~ Tutorial

LOVE this idea - makes short necklaces into long ones just by adding ribbon to existing necklaces. Nice way to fix my broken necklaces :)

vintage style sweater clips

These vintage style sweater clips are wonderful for that retro pinup look.