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Mike Turner from KXL Interviewed Marylou and I about Cart and Soul - Reality Show - Thanks so much Mike ! The Italian Market The Hope Kitchen Food.


{Now Available} "It's Your Fault You're Single" by Relationship Consultant Genevieve C.

Even if you're working two jobs, it's a struggle being a college student and trying to buy everything you want.

10 Ways to Save Money as a College Student

Best money saving tips for the week include: how to save money on groceries, personal finance for college grads, saving money while dining out, and credit card spending tips.

Gmail is the platform which is used as the source to send number of Messages, Documents , Files and Photos with out any limit from one source to the another with in no time.

Jika Anda menggunakan Gmail, berikut adalah beberapa tips penting yang harus Anda praktikkan untuk meningkatkan keamanan Gmail Anda.

Pumpkin Lust Cake

Move over pumpkin pie, this pumpkin cake is about to take your place at the Thanksgiving table. This recipe for Pumpkin Lust Cake is a fall dessert recipe you'll want to make year-round. The cake is made of a buttery pecan crust, topped with a sweet


1913 Marriage Advice from "Don'ts For Wives"

A Not-So-Happy Father's Day

me For Mother's Day I wrote about some circumstances that might.

66 Creative Uses For Coffee Filters…Even If You Don’t Drink Coffee!

66 Reasons To Buy Coffee Filters, Even If You Don't Drink Coffee

coffee filter as soil saver.place filter over flowerpot's drainage hole to prevent soil from leaking out

LIQUID. NITROGEN. ICE CREAM. Wow!  Come get a taste at Annual Ladies Day Out, Holiday Edition!  Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 at Doubletree Lloyd Center in Portland.  www.ladiesdayout.net   #shoplocalPDX

WATCH: "Met a great couple and their baby girl as I headed back from a day downtown and was fascinated by a scientific expression called Mix 'N' Match Creamery.

Take care of orphans and widows.

The true definition of religion. Everything else is just a ritual.

PitterAndGlink: {Cotter Pin Earrings}

I love when I come across projects that are made out of something unexpected. They inspire me to see items in a different way--to see beyo.

Sandra's Ark: What a Face! - A Dose of Encouragement 4

Here's an article I wrote for The Happy Wives Club Book Tour on Things Planning Weddings Taught Me About Being Married".