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I actually practiced this in private ha ha

Stop Drop Roll- This led me to believe catching on fire would be a much more frequent problem in life.

Collaborative mental health care website. It has many child and youth mental health toolkits ex. anxiety handouts.

Collaborative mental health care website between Canada and other countries. It has many child and youth mental health toolkits ex. how to deal with anger and anxiety handouts for working with kids.


Funny Confession Ecard: I realize that I am highly educated and have an expansive vocabulary, but sometimes the most appropriate thing to say is OMG. lol so true

My doctor told me to start killing people . . . | Maxine

My Doctor told me to start killing people. Well not in those exact words. He said I had to reduce stress in m life. SAME THING REALLY!

To my daughters

Bwahahahahha LOVE it! lol Dear Daughters, Should I ever learn you've been twerking anywhere, at any time, I will learn to do it myself and make sure I chaperon every single dance you ever go to. except that it is spelled "chaperone.


Funny Confession Ecard: Curling irons have a warning tag that says 'For external use only.' Which one of you sick people made that necessary?

gotta have a sense of humor! Never a dull moment.

"Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity." Vintage Photos made into greeting cards by Shannon Martin