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Aquarius - this is soooo me, and I really do use those two words more than an other. :)

Aquarius I'm not a daily horoscope reader, but I must say.some of the things I do are so true.

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Aquarius has no desire to be what others want them to be. They take pride in being their own unique selves. This is VERY important for Aquarius!

Aquarius....    ~D~

Definitely need alone time on occasion. Too much outer stimulation isn't good for my thinking processes said one aquarian.

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Yeah its happens sometimes or all the time and trust me its the worst feeling of being heartless its pain like some1 grab your ♥ and brain from your body

Fighting with the subconscious mind instead of someone lacking insight in the situation is the Aquarius way. However, that's a lot of stress for one person, leading to the 'cold and heartless' part.

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