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BCAFX - A heart for Brakenwood by Dmeville

Adam Phillips, the creator of Bitey of Brakenwood went in for heart surgery a few days ago. Someone over at the BiteyCastle effects academy (which is ta. BCAFX - A heart for Brakenwood

游戏美术资源 游戏技能光效特效 装备饰品UI界面光效PNG BUFF素材-淘宝网

游戏美术资源 游戏技能光效特效 装备饰品UI界面光效PNG BUFF素材-淘宝网

"Magic Car-Pet" incorporates an old illusion known as the optical animation process, which I believe comes from the zoetrope, to animate fish below a coffee table. Watch a live demonstration at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua7HOX32PGA

Magic Carp-pet

magic carp-pet is a rug with a fish pattern that comes to life when viewed through a slatted glass coffee table.

Dust/smoke reference

Smoke Landing

Another hand-drawn smoke animation. This one was for a product landing and hitting the ground.

Blubber Busters Dust animations by AlexRedfish.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dust animations for an indie game called Blubber Busters. Check out the teaser trailer Right HERE More Blubber Busters animation: Blubber Busters Dust animations

【新提醒】DNF 刀光 爆炸 烟雾 武器…@CGJOY官方账号采集到【CGJOY】游戏 特效(4189图)_花瓣游戏

【新提醒】DNF 刀光 爆炸 烟雾 武器…@CGJOY官方账号采集到【CGJOY】游戏 特效(4189图)_花瓣游戏