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Harlequin Shrimp ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life lll" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/sea-life-lll/

This is a Harlequin shrimp. They live in the ocean however some people keep them in saltwater fish tanks. Except for the diet, as they eat starfish little tube feet!

Nudibranch, sea slug by fay

By Nick Hobgood - I think I will just call this the "Oreo Cookie Sea Slug"

PAPER NAUTILUS .....   argonaut

The Argonaut is a pelagic octopus. The common name, Paper Nautilus, refers to the females' act of creating paper-thin eggcase,

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. There is 90% of water in their bodies but still they flow along with the flow of water. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Jelly fish have certain things which they have in common with other animals.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Do Have Brains? and All Types of it

December 2011 - Phyllodesmium poindimiei, a species of sea slug, an aolid nudibranch (by Chris Cunnold)

Risbecia pulchella - ile de la reunion

Risbecia pulchella nudibranch, photo taken at ile de la reunion.

Nudibranch by hummingbird8089

Nudibranchs are shell-less marine molluscs that live in seas around the world. They have external gills (frond-like) that give the nudibranch its name, meaning naked gills. Photographed off Indonesia.

Goniobranchus roboi, common name the tooth-edged chromodoris, is a species of colorful sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.

Nudibranch (Chromodoris coi)

Underwater Photo: Nudibranch (Chromodoris coi) found in Lembeh by David Henshaw

Sea slug

Nudibranch--chocolate brown with creamy lumps and pale green gills


The coolest thing about this guy is his name PINK SEE-THROUGH FANTASIA (Enypniastes eximia) — rhamphotheca: “ seafwends:species, anyone? what is this lil guy? * A transparent sea cucumber, found at meters in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.