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And then there was my reaction. Which was pretty much how I would imagine I would have reacted if beth was my child. And then I cried for hours. Literally. And occasionally for the next few days... and now that I'm thinking about it again :( lol

Reactions to Beth's death SOOOO SAD <-- Daryl and Ricks are the saddiest

TWD: Zombie Sophie

The only little girl walkers-Summer, Sophia, and, Penny. Rick killed the first two and Michonne killed Penny.

Sh*t! If you didn't peek out of the damn car! You would be alive! You and Carl would have a love life! Instead Enid is taking over!! Sophia!

I'd prefer Sophia to Enid for Carl at leased they had been together from the start. I really hate Enid


Most fans of The Walking Dead's (TWD) Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) have imagined him, at least once, running around naked.