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Hela, Thor and Loki

http://thacmis.tumblr.com/post/80637734124/this-is-so-stupid I DON'T SHIP THORKI, BUT THIS. I WILL, MY FRIGGY PIGGY. GOD, HELP<<< I kinda ship it. I think it's the whole adopted brother thing.

Din din and freggy Peggy

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Thor ships Stucky, LOL, and sure, he has good looking for guys, Bucky it's super cute

I’ve been falling....FOR THIRTY MINUTES!!

Loki: "I'VE BEEN FALLING FOR 30 MINUETS!" *takes out daggers and looks at doctor strange in such hatered, gets up and charges* Doctor Strange: *eyes wide* "okay bye-bye"

Love this❤️

That is somehow disturbing. Direction marvel and yaoi boards.



whaat? no no no i don’t care about these stupid brothers pfffff i dont give dfamn what are you talk i ng ab o ut……………

I don't ship it but this is cute and funny and Loki stabbed Thor. I like it when Loki stabs Thor 😋

kids thor and loki

Child Thor and Loki sleep in the same bed.

Lol so cute and funny XD

This would be an interesting au. Loki seducing Thor with sexy dancing and basically rule the nine realms with Thor worried around his little finger. I don't even ship them and I still find this funny as hell.

DogThor CatLoki:Cat Rub by LittleDarkDragon.deviantart.com on @deviantART

And art trade for my friend (go see her amazing Loki art) She ask for cute moment of Thor and Loki. and I can& draw human LOL Other

Superman y Batman, gran amistad Dick27Ambrose

Superman keeping Batman covered.

Thor: you'll always be my little precious Q3Q Loki: oh gosh~Stop it! ---------------------------------------------------------- inspiration:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=84DLT4…

" Yeah, alright, say that--that should DEFINITELY make Thor more willing to stop suffocating his precious, adorably baby brother. - LOLOL this is the best take on that video EVER!

I wanted to tie his hair up...

I know how Loki feels. About the hair thing.

Loki's sketchbook---No! One should NEVER look in another's journal/sketchbook without permission! That is a sacred thing.

I know someone who will be very happy to know that Loki likes to draw