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Jasmine in 20th century fashion by BasakTinli by BasakTinli.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Jasmine in century fashion by BasakTinli. I like this because they are all more modest than the original Jasmine.

Ms. Potts and her son Chip

A Disturbing Flaw in Disney's Movie Beauty and the Beast: Chip

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 awww genie!

that part really shows how much Genie loves Aladdin. prince or street rat, all Genie saw was his friend ;) Alddin is my prince bruh


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Disney princesses crossover-omg a princess sleepover!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Disney Princess Slumber Party for fans of disney crossover images.

The Rules: Since number 3 genie doesn't like doing it, he can do it, he just won't because of what's happened in the past

Aladdin and Genie three rules Genie says he doesnt like bringing people back from teh dead so I bet he can but when they come back, theyre all decrepid like tehy came right out of the ground like zombies!

Robin Williams at his greatest.

Genie has three rules on granting three wishes. Can't kill anyone (Don't ask) Can't make anybody fall in love (Smooch) Can't bring people back people from the dead. (not a pretty picture) Three wishes, Three rules