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Some people claim to have had skin cancers cured by cannabis oil. Can cannabis cure skin cancer? What are the healing benefits of cannabis for skin?

Tax Marijuana ... Again, posting this without comment. Don't know enough to agree or disagree.

JC NATURE Legalize it so the taxpayers' dollars can support IMPORTANT things ; yet another way for the government to make more money .

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana isn't as bad a drug as the federal government says it is. It has proven medical properties so it should not be a Schedule 1 drug along with heroin and PCP. I am in full support of medical and recreational marijuana.

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Infographic: How to choose the right strain of medical cannabis/marijuana - Indica or Sativa?

Understanding Cannabis Oil- Conditions that get better with Cannabis Oil

Understanding Cannabis Oil- Conditions that get better with Cannabis Oil. Herbs that heal. Herbs that heal.

Herbal extracts, especially in liquid form, provide rapid and unique health benefits.

There is a lot of confusion between the benefits of Hemp Oil vs. Whole Plant Cannabis Oil when you are looking for the medicinal benefits.

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If you've ever wondered how cannabis fights against cancer then this infographic should give you a better understanding.

Marijuana History Infographic. #medicalmarijuana #cannabisbiz www.OneMorePress.com

A Brief History of Cannabis --- the Nixon quote is by far the best. What a fucking joke! Legalize already!

Cannabidiol, or CBD, Benefits for Pain, Mental Illness & Anxiety - Dr. Axe

Non-Psychoactive Component of Marijuana Fights Breast Cancer Cells (but Protects Healthy Mammary Cells)

Cannabidiol, or CBD Hemp Oil does not make you "high." In fact, it does the opposite and is great for wakefulness. CBD oil is also beneficial for Pain, Mental Illness, Seizures & Anxiety.