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ART INSTALLATION: Shadow Art ~ Detail, colour, and cohesive images emerge from a collection of seemingly erratic items - making elegant sense of what can be a jumble of user data and generated content.

The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan: Swimming Pool, Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich “Swimming Pool” - When seen from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. In fact, however, a layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over.

Kitchen workshops. Styled by Florence Rolfe. Photographs by Sarah Hogan.:

Nice overlapping of objects - tile and finishes work great in arrangements like this on sample boards. Styled by Florence Rolfe. Photographs by Sarah Hogan.

SCULPTURE : Henrique Oliveira. Ces torsions d’arbres semblent perturber la fondation même d’une galerie, chaque installation est unique, Henrique se basant sur les murs et infrastructures du lieu où il expose. A VOIR !!!!!

Incroyables sculptures en bois par Henrique Oliveira