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Joker genderbend

Female Joker Heath Ledger The Dark Knight. This isn't technically Harley but it is a female joker so I am going to put it here anyway. A good costume idea.

Damian (Robin) and Bruce (Batman). I want these hoodies so damn bad

Damian and Bruce Wayne Kate Kane, Barbara Gordon & Helena Bertinelli Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain & Dick Grayson Bilal Assela (Nightrunner), Tim Drake & David Zavimbe (Batwing) Jason Todd Carrie Kelley & Terry McGinnis by jadenwithwings

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This is how I see Batman. Bruce Wayne is just a cover up.a mask Batman is truly his identity. Other heroes can't touch him. Batman is THE hero he's my hero and always will be! Batman is always on top, He is BATMAN

Nanosuit Batman anyone?

I would watch this Batman Beyond movie in a heart-beat. Granted, that is naught but an expression, as I would buy tickets faster.<< that costume tho

The Batman Suits Timeline

The Batman Suits Timeline

arrow tv show memes | The best "Arrow" memes so far. Lol but I find this so true.

The Best Arrow Memes So Far

True heroes don't need super powers. Batman and Green Arrow. This is one of the main reasons why I love Batman so much!