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COLOR cara delevingne perfeeect hair - love her healthy, beautiful hair. None of those nasty extensions because young girls have fried their hair.

Cara Delevingne

love her, she's absolutely gorgeous Fashion Model, Beauty Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

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cara delevingne

{FC: Cara Delevingne} Hey, I'm Mackenzie, but people call me Mack or Kenzie. I like to play the cello, write and read books. I am working on my modelling career and I've been granted a vacation in Hawaii.

Pretty highlight color ends or all over.

really pretty ash blonde. THIS is ash blonde. everyone pins platinum blonde and calls it ash. My natural hair colour


Having bushy eyebrows is one of the top beauty trends this year. Eyebrow transplants, makeup and natural products provide fuller, strong brows.

en la playa

In the wildness of the world, she became the storm. and let loose her fierce electric light to burn away my darkness.Cara D

Beauty photography

Vogue UK January 2014 issue : Editorial : The Face Model : Cara Delevingne Photography : Alasdair McLellan Styling : Kate Phelan

Andreea Diaconu

Natural Makeup Andreea Diaconu, Natural Make-up look with full, groomed brows. Learn how to recreate this look with healthy, non-toxic makeup @ Evolue beauty - You only need to know some tricks to achieve a perfect image in a short time.