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B.C. Rich 8-string bass - enlarge to see how 4 small tuners work. RESEARCH #DdO:) - https://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/basses-of-life/ - BASSes OF LIFE. Rare 1981 1981 Natural model, with two woods. $3,995 asking price at Reverb, 2014. Made in United States.  Manufacturer of guitars & bass guitars founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. Currently, most B.C. Rich guitars are manufactured in Asia, but luthiers of the company's custom shop continue to hand-make instruments here in USA.

BC Rich 8 String Bass ' Yeah, I know, but I just had to post it for being so over the top - I'd also need a Bass-Tech to keep me right on the control settings.

Are you looking for a new guitar? You can find a selection of B.C. RICH GUITARS including this B.C.RICH PROX MOCKINGBIRD ELECTRIC GUITAR WITH MAHOGANY BODY AND EBONY FRET BOARD (free shipping) at     http://jsmartmusic.com

One thing that makes me happy and improves my emotional wellness is getting to play guitar every day

B.C. Rich Warlock electric guitar

A very "metal" looking guitar shape, whenever it's in the shape of an X it tends to be all hardcore to whoever sees it or whatever.

1978 BC Rich Bich 10 String Rare Comp Red Joe Perry 100% original Vintage

1978 BC Rich Bich 10 String Rare Comp Red Joe Perry 100% original Vintage

Joe Perry, Aerosmith, Guitars

1981 BC Rich USA Mockingbird FS - MyLesPaul.com

Strum Away With These Simple Guitar Tips. If you've ever been moved by the music of a skilled guitar player, you're not alone. The beautiful guitar has gotten many people interested in learning how

Aerosmith . . . one of my fave bands of all times. Their best music is the 1-2 combo of "Toys In the Attic" and "Rocks". I saw them on the Draw the Line tour back when I was in Junior High. Blew me away.

Joe Perry, B. Rich Guitar Aerosmith fan from the very beginning