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oooop I ACTUALLY did another odd crossover? - this time with Zelda and The Incredibles. - (a parody of the famous "my super suit?”-scene)<<< Its brilliant Brilliant BRILLIANT I tell you, GENIUS I say!

Nightwing en justicia joven.

aka(robin when he takes over for batman) dark wing Nightwing. That is who he becomes when he gives up being Robin. When he takes over for Bruce, he takes the cowl of the Batman.

Sora x Riku (Fist Bump)

mygif kingdom hearts sora riku Kingdom Hearts 2 keyblade session The World That Never Was way to the dawn

space gays

Young Justice / Superboy / I like this art! It's simple, yet detailed in a way, mimics the art of the show while being unique in itself. I will always adore finger gloves.

bruce and dick 2 by auroranoyume.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Batman helping Dick get ready for school at Gotham academy. (Seems a little too sweet for Bruce and Dick)

#kingdomhearts, #kingdomhearts2, #kingdomhearts3, #sora, #TheOfficialEphemer


#kingdomhearts, #kingdomhearts2, #kingdomhearts3, #sora, #TheOfficialEphemer