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Stand By Me movie -25th anniversary reunion. After all this time... I still miss River Phoenix :(

Stand By Me movie anniversary reunion. I still miss River Phoenix :(

This is very well the moment in my childhood that I become completely obsessed with dark skin and white wife beatersyes please

The Sandlot. Because it's a classic and don't even talk to me about those awful sequels.

Stand by me "Orginal"inclusiv with River Phoenix

Ben E. King - Stand By Me This is the movie soundtrack from the movie stand by me , the characters from stand by me are also in this music video.

Aww this makes me happy.  Marty Mcfly and Doc.

Christopher Lloyd & Michael J Fox as Doc Emmett L Brown & Marty McFly in the Back To The Future trilogy - my favourite movie!

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The Princess Bride cast reunited for the movie's anniversary R. Andre the Giant (Fezzik)