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Famous Artist David Hockney Gives iPad a Big Thumbs-Up

David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art.and the angles of the separate pieces of the collage

David Hockney mother

David Hockney mother

I like this because it shows the two sides of the face and the faces conjoin in the middle to make a full face

photojoiner-uses different angles to create a full image, it stitches parts of the face together to create and never before seen image

immafuster: “David Hockney, Mum, 1988-89 ”

blue - old lady - portrait - David Hockney - "Mum - painting

david hockney cubism photo - Google Search

The Crossword Puzzle, David Hockney

David Hockney

Points of view - David Hockney inspired photo collage

David Hockney | All that I am, all that I ever was...

David Hockney

this is one of my favorite David Hockney inspired projects because i love all of…

david hockney

10+1 shake it like a polaroid picture

Shooting Film: "joiners" - Creative Polaroid Collages by David Hockney

Digication e-Portfolio :: AP Photography @ HS#9 :: Project 14- Hockney-inspired collage

Digication e-Portfolio :: AP Photography @ HS :: Project Hockney-inspired collage

Collage David Hockney ... Five years from college and I still love his work

This is my favorite David Hockney cubism photo because it shows the sky, the subject(building) and the ground all at once. It includes leading lines and pattern.

Image result for jean faucheur portrait photography

Image result for jean faucheur portrait photography

MOVEMENT stacking/layering Shooting Film: "joiners" - Creative Polaroid Collages by David Hockney

Composition example - links to David Hockney  Apart/ Scale change/ Broken/ Portrait/ Perspective/

a nice photomontage of man by David Hockney

DAVID HOCKNEY | compositive polaroids  http://luzbrancablog.blogspot.pt/2013/01/david-hockney-compositive-polaroids.html

After viewing the work of David Hockney, students in the Introduction to Photography class will attempt a composite photographic “grid” using the subject or theme of their choice.

Kāli by Gabor Somoskoi featuring Zsófi Fenyvesi

Lakshmi - Image by Gabor Somoskoi I Zsófi Fenyvesi- apart and together (see Hockney also)

Brno Del Zou | PICDIT

Brno Del Zou, Autoportrait, 100 x 80 x 16 cm, fotografia, 2012