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The Haunted Snail Ride at Dreamland, Margate, UK Circa 1920s

The Snail Ride at Dreamland, Margate, UK Circa ( The ride is no longer standing). Dreamland is the oldest amusement park opening in

Emmett Kelly. (b) 12/9/1898 (d) 3/28/1979  The quintessential clown, Emmett Kelly became famous during the 30's and 40's while traveling with the circus.  Kelly eventually joined Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and toured with them for 14 years.  Emmett Kelly's persona was known as "Weary Willy" and his signature bit was the "sweeping up of the spotlight."  A true American Icon.  COD:  Heart Attack  BURIAL:  Rest Haven Memorial Park, Lafayette, IN

I believe Emmett Kelly Sr. to be the worlds most famous clown. Emmett Kelly performed in the circus and was an artist that used chalk to help tell his