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Petit's Eye Salve, vintage medicine ~ Gee, my eye has been closed for 10 days. Think I'll buy some eye salve.

Heineken Baby Ad  #HeinekenBaby  #Heineken  #Baby  #VintageAds  #Kamisco

and Dad must have seen this add (with Coke) 1955 Seven Up original vintage advertisement. Promoting purity and wholesomeness, advised young mothers to add the soft drink to babies' milk in equal parts to coax fussy toddlers at mealtime!

Great old advertisement! Wish young women would have this mentality today! #freedommarketingcanada #advertising

Vintage Fitness Ads You Won't Believe Existed

Great old advertisement! Wish young women would have this mentality today! do have this mentality today, dumbass. It's just reverse. The central idea ("I have to be good enough for men to look at me or I'm worthless") hasn't changed

A Toby Show brings back to the stage an American folk character of Toby, a country bumpkin who through naiveté, honesty and homespun humor outwits the city slickers. Toby is a great role for an energetic actor. The play is a colorful segment of American drama. This farce melodrama recreates traditional situations and stock characters through jokes and stage business.

From doll masks to bags over heads to outfits that can't even be described with words, these vintage Halloween costumes are supremely creepy.

Being a Massage Therapist, I think this is not the message I would ever wish to convey in my practice. YIKES!!!

Taking the cure - 'female hysteria' aka PMS eventually led to the invention of an electrical massage tool aka the vibrator ahhh the wonders of medical science.

SYPHILIS ~ stay away from dance halls! Watch yourselves, ladies! It would appear that wartime soldiers were STD-riddled whores! ;D

The 12 Best World War II STD Posters

vintage photo Syphilis sexually transmitted disease, All of these men soldiers have it, Women Stay away from dance halls, World War Two propaganda

1983 Albany Life ad. Point of the ad is how much money it would take to hire a cook, nursemaid, and cleaner to take the place of your dead wife. Better plan so you don't go broke hiring people to do your wife's chores! 1983 was only 30 years ago.

Are you making plans for your wife's death? This is an ad for selling a husband Insurance against the event his wife dies before him!

"she knows by a grateful throat's testimony what a relief this smooth, cool, slow burning fresh cigarette means to sensitive membranes"

and oh so healthy--Vintage advertising illustration: Camel I love looking at vintage cigarette ads.

nice Google Image Result for pzrservices.typep......

When selling Cocaine tablets having a creepy guy do it is sure way to convince people to buy your product.

Can't stand the time it takes to shake an ash into an ashtray and put the cancer-stick back in your yellow teethed gob.  Well this contraption is just for you.

Light ashtray for when you just don't have time to take your cigarette out of your mouth

Step right up for sugar syrup and You, yes You, could get to suck that syrup right up! (Noting girl on top step)

If you like classic food and beverage brands, then browse our collection of reproduction antique, old and vintage retro tins. Our classic Coca Cola tin signs sign collection. Or check out our Hershey's or Campbell's Soup retro tin signs.

You Will Not Believe These Hilarious Retro Ads ...

You Will Not Believe These Hilarious Retro Ads ...