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Ummmm.... I have two arms?

It seems like a easy question right? But when someone actually asks you your minds goes blank happens to me all the time!<<<😑😐😑😐 ya, I got no clue.

I get secretly happen when the teacher says she gonna asign  Seats but then get !ad if she asigns me next to someone I don't talk to or don't like

This is (sadly) kinda true :( I have a bunch of friends but in classes that don't have assigned seats lol


When my best friend came to my house one day and whenever I sit next to her I text her hi because idk but one day we both texted each other at the same time "HI" it was hilarious

Lol right...

Teenager Post *phone vibrates at home* you can barely hear it. *phone vibrates at school* FREAKING EARTHQUAKE!