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Take the flower!'Just Be Friends!' all we wanna do, just be friends, time to say goodbye, just be friends~ Vocaloid song~ tis sad thou :c this is hongkong and taiwan from hetalia

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Ciel will always be better that Alois at EVERYTHING. He is better at cross dressing He has a better Butler He is MUCH cuter than Alois Ciel is Ciel and not Alois I don't think I need to say anything else.

The eye is a different color, but this reminds me of Allen Walker when his left eye is stabbed by Road Kamelot with a candle.

ADOPTED Ryota is a ghost. He was murdered a few years ago. He seeks vengeance on the one that murdered him and the rest of his family. He refuses to leave the Earth until his business on Earth is done. ~Adopted by me!

I got: Sebastian! Black Butler Quiz: Are You Sebastian or Claude? And the trend of getting Sebastian on every test continues! I even answered some that I thought might lean towards Claude!

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I got: You are an Seme!I'm f**kin Seme! my friend got Seke ; Are you a Seme or an Uke?

What Is Your Anime 'Dere' Type? I got tsuandere, comment below, you bakas!

What Is Your Anime 'Dere' Type?

What Is Your Anime 'Dere' Type? I got Deredere, happy caring and positive, comment below, you bakas!