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“Dear Aliens, welcome to earth, hurry up !, before all animals are killed and climate changes tear us apart, very sad”

(Article) Undoing American Racism

Racism 101 for Clueless White People, Written by a Slightly Less Clueless White Person

Ignorance, superstition, envy, and malice abound when religion and politics are intertwined.

When religion rules, people can do the most wretched, disgusting things and still think they're noble and just.

Do you see that you snarky Freedom from Religion people? This is how you make a decent holiday sign.

Truth be told...  Because we don't have the republicans spending our tax dollars for corporate subsidies, giving BIG tax breaks to the wealthy; and, of course, two unfunded wars and an unfunded prescription drug program.

the federal deficit has fallen faster over the past years than it has in any such stretch since world war II

... I should be in a flippin' musical !!! ツ

I sing my own melodies and songs, complete with partial or whole lyrics. I even wake up often with music in my head, words and all. I'm always full of melody and music and I love to sing, but I am also quite shy about it.

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