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judge the most..

funny how those who claim they are most religious people are the one's who judge and talk the most.if you're so religious remember you shouldn't judge.it's HIS job to judge, not you!

Judgement by Rosea Lake reflecting how women are judged by their skirt length | Follow Mode-sty offers stylish #modest clothing visit www.mode-sty.com


"Judgements" by a art student, Rosea Lake reflecting how women are judged based on skirt length. // Labeling is a human mind plague. Labeling women is a global defensive strategy for men wanting their domination to remain effective.

DO NOT JUDGE ME.You have not survived even half the shit I have lived through.so there is a reason for the things I do.and there is a reason I have become the person I am.

Generalizations, Stereotypes, and Judgements say more about who says them than they know.

and that would be unrighteous. However, we must judge and thus we must understand before we do. To not judge at all is evil because good and evil get the same rewards.

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Bully Awareness

So true! I'm sick and tired of people who want to judge me, you don't know me or what I've been through! You have no idea what it feels to be in my shoes or live my life so mind your own damned business you judgemental bitch!

Oordeelt niet, opdat gij niet geoordeeld wordt.Want met welk oordeel gij oordeelt, zult gij geoordeeld worden; en met welke mate gij meet, zal u wedergemeten worden. (Matth. 7 vers 1 en 2)

Hindley judges hesathcliff like people did in the setting of the Next to my CS Lewis quote, this is my new life motto. Stop judging, and start loving others that's my challenge to you all.

I never had this rule at my house... I think babies should be use to noise, but this is pretty funny.

I just use a handwritten note taped to my front door.I HATE when people ring the doorbell in the middle of naptime! Especially since the doorbell chime is right next to the baby's room!