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Isabel Marant wants the Oaxacan people to pay a fee to sell their own design. Huellga Isabel Marant!!

Isabel Marant Reportedly Wants to Copyright Indigenous Mexican Design

Isabel Marant wants the Oaxacan people to pay a fee to sell their own design. Huellga Isabel Marant!!

una pequeña belleza mexicana

Marigold yellowSize: 12 months to 18 months Traditional Puebla Mexican DressHandmade Embroidered Each dress has a unique pattern, color and fit. Here are a few examples of what we carry. Light weight CottonMade to be worn loose and at least knee length

Each of the heavily beaded pieces has been decorated by various artists from the Huichol, using traditional symbols and designs arranged within the patterns, making every skull a completely unique piece of art. The Huichols are decendants of the Aztecs and believe in the Sun God, ancestral spirits and four principal deities – Deer, Corn, Coyote and Eagle. The Sierra Madre Mountains are their home and the Huichol have a long history of creating beaded art, which is a big part of their…

Our Exquisite Corpse - Huichol Beaded Skulls

Mexican Designer Ricardo Seco Puts Out Epic Huichol-Inspired New Balances

Mexican pattern

Mexican patterns - Otomi fabric and textiles for home decoration by Mexico Culture, Embroidery Keka❤❤❤

This is a mayan pattern embroidered by a designer from Guatemala. Mayan patterns were commonly seeing in archeological sites such as Palenque in Chiapas,Mexico. Cultural aspects influence different designs from all over the world

Popular Maya patterns on a piece of cloth from Guatemala by ali eminov, via Flick rMucha gente de Guatemala crearon sus propios textiles mayas

Embroidery from "La Huasteca", region at the north of the state of Hidalgo, México. I lived in Pachuca, the capital, six years. There are many traditions and ancient culture there.

Mexico Embroidery Hidalgo - this quechquemitl cape and other examples of excellent embroidery were made in Santa Catarina, Acaxochitlan Hidalgo, Mexico

Traditional garments from different cultures around Mexico. The patterns and textiles are striking! | Live Colorful

The Art and History of Traditional Fashion and Textiles in Mexico

The colors, the intricate, majestic embroidery designs, and botanical inspiration. An exhibit of more than 500 different indigenous Mexican cultures like the

This would be gorgeous! Never thought about navy blue and white with blue embroidery. Yellow ribbon would go nice!

Cultural Textiles at L'aviva Home

Hand embroidered coverlets, known as tenangos, are crafted by the Otomi Indians from the mountains of the Mexican state of Hidalgo. the colorful designs are said to be inspired by the wall paintings on cliffs in the region.