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Did you guys see how hard he had to squit to see his score at the China cup. That beautiful katsudon has terrible, terrible vision.

Victor and Yuuri - Yuri!!! on Ice by のりon pixiv

Victor and Yuuri - Yuri! on Ice by のりon pixiv -oooo very prettyfulll

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We'll I bet Yuuri still is a Virgin but. how can you resist this man?

Yuri!!! On Ice (ユーリ!!! On ICE) - Viktor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki (Vikturi) (ヴィク勇)

On Ice ~ Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov ~ Shonen-Aï & Yaoi Fan Art by Gearous

Yurio - Hikarin Otabek Altin - Grey Cosplay グレー

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Victor Nikiforov - Yuri!!! on Ice by ゆーや on pixiv (id: 1007732)>>>>THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS! OH MY GOD! HALP MEH!!

Victor as a butler! He's so cool (c) to respective owner Anime-Yuri! on Ice