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Fionna the Human x Marshall Lee / Fiolee / Adventure Time

Did I say there was going to be three parts to this? Well I'm gonna add a PART 4 to this! Fionna and Cake: Incendium (Part.

Fiolee (Fionna and Marshal Lee) Photo: fiolee

Ahhh poor Gumball by ~vonnie-seiyuki-chan on Deviantart. Marshall, listen to the whole story before you go beat someone up next time. (this is the aftermath of the episode fionna and cake)

Fionna and Cake: I Remember You (Part 2) by RavenBlood1011.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Omg it's like Simon (Aka Ice king) and Marcline but it's Marshall lee and Ice queen 💜

How the staff draws Finn Finn and Princess Bubblegum

Finn/Gallery/Artwork by Adventure Time crew

Adventure time scene

One of my fave moments. I did a quiz to see which Adventure Time character I was, and got Gunter LMAO The best part is that Gunter we later found out is the most evil being in the universe