Please give me more time to read.

Praying for all the kitties to find forever homes

Baby kitty Sleeping! So adorable

American Shorthair Cat Breeds

3 weeks old


real life puss in boots eyes!

No one can resist the head tilt. Love the head tilt.

That toy is almost as big as you, sweet kitten!

My first cat would carry around a red pom-pom in her mouth all the time when she was a kitten

Nem híztam!!!

How much a tiny cat weight. Cats are liquids, not solids!

Done with exams!...I will be able to say this on thursday

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm Praise The Lord!

Bitte bitte

Kitten prayer - good to know they have one. What's the dog prayer?

bengal kitten!!!  Amazing cats   I want one

Cute blog alert! If you’re suffering from Olympic comedown the Emergency Puppy twitter account is here to help

are you kitten me right meow?i want cute!


Meet the Kitten That Saved My Life

"Meet the Kitten That Saved My Life" - cute story, cute cat