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Ένα σοκ που όλοι λίγο πολύ γνωρίζουν προκάλεσαν στον παγκόσμιο αθλητισμό η ομάδα των Ρώσων χάκερ «Fancy Bears» που κατάφεραν να εισχωρήσουν στα απόρρητα έγγραφα της WADA και έδωσαν στη δημ

Simone Arianne Biles (born March is an American artistic gymnast. Biles is the three-time world all-around champion four-time United .

indignant conservative mom upset Obama addressed Planned Parenthood and said "God bless"

President Barack Obama, As the leader of the free world I'm sure you are a very busy man, so I will try and make this brief.

Set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors - two timeless prescriptions for whatev...

Get Smart about Marketing for the Environment and Climate Change: Does nature have a marketing problem? Often the messages and headlines we get from the news about climate change and mass extinction can be overwhelming, lea.

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Unplanned Pregnancy Help

We break down your pregnancy month by month to give you a better idea of what to expect when you're carrying a child.

Sorry Ryan Lochte Michael Phelps Confirms That This Is Really His Last Olympics - People Magazine

সরদন নগন থকতম যখন তখন কউ ছড খত https://youtu.be/KsbU2ImwqaQ

ISIS murdered at least 250 girls after they refuse to become sex slaves: 250 girls have reportedly killed by ISIS in northern Iraq after they have refused.

Mo Farah: 10,000m and 5,000m GOLD!!!! London olympics 2012

Chariots of Farah! Double medallist Mo adds his Midas touch as GB pick up THREE more golds... and Daley scoops bronze in final night

Chariots of Farah! Double medallist Mo adds his Midas touch as GB pick up THREE…

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? | RZIM The answer is more complex that most want.

The Prophet and the Messiah: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Nabeel Qureshi, a former Muslim and now a Christian apologist with Ravi Zacharias ministry, answers.

The Bird Still Sings: Why Christianity Cannot Be Silenced RZIM_the_bird_still_sings_ravi_zacharias_blog_apologetics_online_web

The Bird Still Sings by Ravi Zacharias

Matt Birk | 10 Celebrities Who Came Out As Pro-Life

10 Celebrities Who Came Out As Pro-Life

Matt Birk turned down a luncheon with President Obama in protest of the President’s radically pro-abortion policies.

Usain Bolt, His Catholic Faith, and His Miraculous Medal

On the evening of Sunday, August famed Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won gold in a characteristically dynamic and seemingly effortless performance at his third consecutive…