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OMG!! Should I try this when their music is just bad...LOL

MAXINE: When the neighbors play music too loud, I dance naked. Shuts 'em down pretty quick.

fun tattoo

I think it's hilarious when my patients tell me this and I see tattoos. You hate needles? Because with a tattoo you get poked thousands of times, I'm only gonna do it once. LOL the more tattoos, the harder they fall


HOW is that front wheel still in contact with the road? Has the law of gravity been suspended for the duration of the ride?

What Is That All About omg this is actually true

What Is That All About?

A few days ago on a Dutch TV show, a comedian complained about traffic signs.

SERIOUSLY!!! and they can hold still when you're putting in an IV....

and they can hold still when you're putting in an IV.and if you tell them you will see it on the tele monitor, their leads "accidentally" all fall off just before the seizure.

oh my word this is hilarious!

What do you get when you mix PMS with a GPS? A moody bitch who will find you! so true!