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I'd like to do this many, many more times before I die. One of my fav things to do, which makes it difficult to live in a landlocked country.

little things that make you smile ♥ ready for motor boating on the lake!

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" … Go to work, Do your best, Don't outsmart your common sense! Never let your praying knees get lazy, And love like crazy"! - Love Like Crazy ~ Lee Brice


Know the 7 best romantic Christmas ideas to infuse the festive season with love and romance. Choose your favourite idea for romantic Christmas and make the occasion more special.

bucket list.

My brother, sister and I used to play a lot with blankets and forts. I need to play this with my niece too!

This is how we roll- Florida Georgia Line Ft. Luke Bryan

"We're proud to be young. We stick to our guns. We love who we love and we wanna have fun." This is How We Roll - Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan

Bucket list ideas

Would love to go on a REAL safari. Not just the one through the African Lion Safari.

ride a dolphin.

iv'e swam with a dolphin in the middle of the ocean not sea world but i want to ride one

www.facebook.com/thebucketlistlife Living The Bucket List Life!  Hold a Baby Lion

Hold a baby lion! I've held or touched a baby tiger! but not a lion!

Grew up in a military town, so it's a normal thing to invite unrelated people to hplidays

**Done** Invite someone without a family to a holiday dinner-Gerry came for thanksgiving this year Hoping to have him again for Christmas

I had a BBQ stain on my white t-shirt, you were killin me in that mini skirt. Skippin rocks on the river by the railroad tracks <3 Something like that, Tim McGraw

I worked so hard for that first kiss and a heart don't forget something like that - Something Like That - Tim McGraw