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I love that photo

Look at Louis he always look beautiful.

NIALLER ♥♥ Ahhhhhh wish that was me @Niall Horan always wanted to be nialler's princess. Strangely does anybody else think this looks like me

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He plays it in Little Things... <3 Luv you Nialler...

I am learning( more like trying and failing) how to play the guitar, because Niall likes girls who can play instruments

Exactly what i did especially when he says he loves us all i just sit there and say yeah see niall loves me

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I can't see even if every other fandom hates us to them were still no matter what we do

Niall Horan is my hero. Along with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. My hero's don't wear capes.

Dunican Dunican Horan ur beautiful and don't let anyone tell you any different :)

:") You can see the passion in both pictures. Reasons on why I l love him to the edge of the universe and back--he is the universe.

My knee is hurtin again :(<<< Dunican Horan posted this/ I'm sorry babe! Hope you feel better!

ANYTHING>>>>>DUH!!!>>>>> this is the most normal thing in the world!! Of caurse we will do anything!!

ANYTHING>>>>>DUH!>>>>> this is the most normal thing in the world! Of course we will do anything!I'd die to meet them but that would backfire in my ghostly face.



Omfg Niall wearing "Zayns" varsity jacket Harry's shoes what alternate universe we in!

Niall still looks perfect without braces

This is a picture of Niall looking as adorable as ever with his crooked smile! You didn't even notice till I said something did you. Admit it.admit it.ADMIT IT AND ADMIT IT NOW!

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Take your own advice Niall. You are one of the most PERFECT boys to live on the face of this planet.or universe.