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Hawkman and Hawkgirl

hamlet was winning duel when gertrude drank from the poisoned goblet that claudius had intended for hamlet.death no. 3 coming up

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Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius TOG by princesshavilliard on We Heart It


Somehome, the Silver sword remaind untouched. Not a scratch was visible on the perfect sword. Little did the staff knew that this was the sword of Queen Eriáne; the sword that slayed hunderds of Orophers.

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Pommel, hilt, and hand guard detail of Fury, a rapier forged for Juda Stormmist, the first daughter of the Voyaging King

Cavalry Sword  Dated: 1775-85 Culture: English Medium: steel, rayskin, silver Provenance: bought for Royal Armoury from sword-cutler, Bland The sword has a steel hilt, tall oval pommel, acorn tang-button, and a knuckleguard featuring scrolls. The barrel-shaped spiral wooden grip is covered with white rayskin, with silver foil, while the one-edged blade features two fullers and gilt/blued steel panels decorated with strapwork, trophy and sprigs.

Pommel, hand guard, and scabbard detail of Judge, a rapier forged for Dorias Mistfoam, the second son of the Voyaging King.