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15 Companies Logo With Honest Slogans ( Hilarious Pics)

Welcome to the Bandom

That's awesome. I'm a bass clarinet myself so I can't blow hard without it sounding like an dieting animal but, this shirt is cool<<<I play flute and bass. This shirt is awesome.

26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

Mytamponjustfellout has been waiting for that perfect moment to say that comment. Props man

I normally don't pin stuff like this, but I laughed at every single one of them. I thought you all might enjoy them. << Why would the movie eat my popcorn?

"I need that guy in my life. I want to receive those texts." Repo Ning this from myself because it is THE FUNNIEST thing ever.

Annoying text messages…

Funny pictures about Annoying text messages. Oh, and cool pics about Annoying text messages. Also, Annoying text messages.


21 Ways To Discreetly Drive Someone Crazy. #11 Is Pure Evil.

Just When You Think Winter Is Over

Just When You Think Winter Is Over

This is Ohio. Every year winter and spring have a brutal battle before summer comes in to help overcome winter -_-'