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Paul Mann, oil on canvas  In the Distance kp

Paul Mann, oil on canvas - Manitou Galleries

mort kunstler civil war paintings | www.brooklyn-art.com

Kunstler, Mort - Rough Riders- Advance Ip Kettle Hill by U.

*THE BATTLE of ANTIETAM ~ the Civil War's deadliest one-day fight. Union troops committed piecemeal had little effect

* The Battle of Antietam * Specifically, the charge of "Iron Brigade" near the "Dunker Church", morning of September (by Thure de Thulstrup).

Stonewall Jackson was just a wee bit eccentric. He was said to be as calm as a cucumber in battle and was often seen with his left arm raised - something to do with blood circulation as bullets flew around him. He loved sucking on the odd lemon and avoided pepper like the plague because it made his left leg ache. Dressed in tattered old uniforms. His horse was too small for him and he disliked battle on Sundays. In all this he was a devout Christian and prayed fervently even before battles.

Stonewall Jackson on Little Sorrel" by Mort Kunstler Stonewall Jackson taught at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington VA


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You'll Soon See Them Tumbling Back

"You will soon see them tumbling back" by John Paul Strain: Hancock regarding Dan Sickles at Gettysburg, Jul 1863