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I agree I love childish all the kid movies and stuffed animals but the last thing most people would describe me as is childish.

Sometimes I wish this wasn't so true about me, but it is.. It's a good thing though..

For a Pisces it's the thought that counts, not the price tag.most definitely! (No gift-No thought)

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Getting a Pisces to open up sometimes is like trying to crack the safe to a vault.


A Pisces intuition and first impression of someone is never wrong. I've learned to trust this ability and it saves me a lot of time.

I travel in time quite often.

Truth: Pisces are super nostalgic. A familiar song or smell will always bring a Pisces right back.


waking up crying. that's my signature move; alone in my room, getting that shit over with and moving on with my day "pretending" everything is cool so as not to bother anyone with my emotions.my life

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just hit that nail square on the head. except for the late night thing, i like sleep

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fake smile, happy face and people don't know about pisces fell. people like "wow, you so happy now." pisces just replied "nah, i'm fine" but in heart like broken into million pieces.